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Wind turbine blade fixing mechanism
D.S. Chavan, Sapana, R.K. Manocha, V. Panda, J. Sankpal, , J. Cheema, Tanya
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 165 - 170
In this paper the blade fitting mechanism is developed. In this mechanism various types of blades can be fitted. The pitch angle of the blade can also be varied. Cylinders are welded to the hub. Another cylinder with small diameters is welded to a metallic square strip is welded to the blade with one square plate. This small cylinder is concentric to the cylinder which is welded to the hub. Blade can be fixed to the small cylinder using nut and bolt arrangement. The blade can be changed. The blade of desired shape can be fixed to the cylinder. The pitch angle of the blade can be changed by rotating the concentric cylinder. The holes are drilled along the length of both the cylinders. The holes are also drilled along the periphery of the cylinder. The pitch angle can be fixed by nut and bolts passing through the holes of the cylinders. The pitch angle for all three blades is kept constant. This mechanism can be placed in the laboratory test set up. Artificial wind can be created using blower fans. The impacts of blade shape and pitch angle on the output voltage flicker can be observed on digital storage oscilloscope. © 2017 IEEE.