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Wind turbine model testing using all side fans arrangement to create turbulence
D.S. Chavan, Tanya, J. Cheema, , J. Sankpal, Anamika, Indu, R. Yadav
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 547 - 551
This Paper is related to the production of artificial turbulence in the test set up. I in this test set up the impact of turbulence intensity on the flicker initiated in the wind turbine output can be studied. In this test set up the blower fans are fitted on all sides of the test set up. The speed of each fan can be controlled with help of a speed regulator. The wind turbine model is kept in the test set up. The desired blower fans are started. The speed of the wind turbine is measured with help of the anemometer provided. The direction of the wind can be observed with help of the smoke gun provided. The output voltage waveform can be observed on the digital storage oscilloscope. The impact of turbulence on the flicker initiated in the turbine output voltage can be observed. Swiveling wheels are provided to the test set up. So the test set up is mobile and can be moves easily in the laboratory. © 2017 IEEE.