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Wind turbine model testing using blower fan sliding mechanism to create wind shear
D.S. Chavan, , Sapana, R.K. Manocha, J. Sankpal, A. Shukla, Indu, Niranjana
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 515 - 520
In this paper sliding mechanism is developed for testing the wind turbine model. The test set up is developed using steel frame. The frame may be made up of any other suitable metal like steel. It may be made of any suitable composite material. On the L section bars of the frame the slot are made for entire length. The blower fan can be slided on the bars and can be fitted at the desired position with nut and bolts. Similarly the wind turbine model also can be slided on the frame which is fixed on the other side of the test set up. This turbine model also can be fitted at the desired position with the help of nut and bolts. The speed of the fan also can be adjusted with help. By adjusting the wind speed vertical wind shear can be created. The magnitude of the vertical wind shear can also be varied by varying the position and speed of the blower fan. The corresponding flicker initiated in the wind turbine output voltage can be recorded with the help of the digital storage oscilloscope in the set up. © 2017 IEEE.