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Wind turbine model testing using point source of air to create wind shear
D.S. Chavan, N. Nair, A. Shukla, , J. Sankpal, Tanya, Indu, J. Cheema
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 680 - 685
In this paper a point source of air is used to create wind shear. Two point sources of air are used. The wind speed achieved with point source is about 30 m/s. The point sources are kept at some distance to avoid high speed. The speed of the wind from the point source is controlled by a speed regulator. One point source is kept on the upper side of the test set up. Second point source is kept at the lower side of the point source. The speed of the wind from point source is controlled. The speed of the wind from the upper point source is kept high. Different wind shear conditions are created. The impact of wind shear on various power quality parameters may be observed using this set up. The impact of vertical wind shear on voltage flicker produced in a wind turbine is observed. © 2017 IEEE.