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Wrinkling optimization in deep drawing using flower pollination algorithm

, Mr. Ninad K Kulkarni
Published in
Issue: 2
Pages: 5873 - 5878

In sheet metal-forming operations the finished part is stretched or squeezed into a desired shape. Deep drawing process is one of the most complex metal-forming operations. Deep drawing can be defined as a metal forming process in which a part is produced from a flat sheet-metal blank by the action of a punch force onto the blank. Wrinkling in sheet metal forming is one of the most important instabilities that occur in parts formed using deep drawing process. Wrinkles that form during the sheet forming are due to internal compressive instabilities. Wrinkling defect generally occurs at the flange and is generated by excessive compressive stress that causes the sheet to buckle. Nature-inspired algorithms have shown their promising performance and have thus become popular. Flower pollination algorithm is a new nature-inspired algorithm developed by Dr. Xin-She Yang in 2012. It is based on the characteristics of flowering plants. Pollination process constitutes a set of complex mechanisms crucial to the success of plants reproductive strategies. The paper aims to optimize various parameters that cause wrinkling using flower pollination algorithm.

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JournalInternational Engineering Research Journal (IERJ)
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