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A multi-layer architecture of wireless network for digital video transmission
S.M. Koli, R.G. Purandare, S.P. Kshirsagar,
Published in IEEE Computer Society
Pages: 213 - 218
For real time digital video transmission, an innovative multi-layer design of wireless systems is needed, where information among layers is exchanged and parameters are jointly optimized for richer interfaces among the layers of the protocol stack. The growing prevalence of wireless calls for such design of wireless network to support Quality of Service (QoS). Accounting for the limited availability of radio resources, the above requirement can be met through the development of flexible or adaptable radio interfaces of multi-layer architecture. Specifically, based on the traffic analysis with QoS requirements jointly Application (APP), Media Access Control (MAC), Physical (PHY) layers can be designed to optimize the network performance. This architecture is developed in view of benefits and necessities of sharing information among different layers where parameters are jointly optimized. To this respect, this paper gives the proper relevance to resource management strategies such as coding efficiency, media access control and error control and proposes a block level model of multi-layer architecture of wireless network. © 2014 IEEE.