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A review on techniques employed for topology optimization in implant dentistry

Published in AIP
Volume: 2358
Issue: 1
Pages: 1 - 12

Topology optimization is a technique which has proven to be a very crucial and effective tool in modification of the geometry of various mechanical or load bearing components. This technique has been used in aerospace, mechanical and civil applications to save material and reduce the overall mass of the component. There are various existing topology optimization algorithms which produce remarkable results, each algorithm is unique, and the results obtained are different. Implant dentistry has become a new area where topology optimization has found a good scope. The goal of modifying a dental implant is to improve the osseointegration and enhance its stability, hence when a topological optimization study is being performed on a dental implant these additional factors are necessary to be considered. The literature pertaining to the topology optimization employed in dental implants is limited and this study focuses on the available literature and other important aspects like selection of the optimization algorithm, bone density and manufacturing method which influence the topology optimization procedure when employed in the modification of dental implants.

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JournalAIP Conference Proceedings
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