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Automatic Investigation of Micronutrients and fertilizer dispense System using Microcontroller
A.M. Patokar,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1737 - 1739
Quality of the soil is a measure of soil fertility, observing the nutrients in the soil leads to plant life prediction, if the amount of macro and micronutrients, pH, and water measured then one can predict the fertility and protect plant life. Harvesting process change the soil nutrients and they get depleted hence replenishment is necessary, in this paper we propose design of a system which will detect the soil nutrients and necessary will automatically dispense the fertilizer in the soil, in general situation farmers add fertilizers manually, but the amount may not be proper, inappropriate quantity can harm the life of plant and cut the yield too. The proposed research solution aims to restore the level of phosphorous, potassium Nitrogen by measuring soil nutrients using a chemical process by using some sensors and adding the proper amount of fertilizers in the soil to support the plant growth and achieve better yield, this automatic detection and dispensing of fertilizers leads to solution for avoiding excess/deficient fertilizers in soil. © 2018 IEEE.