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Biomaterials used in dental applications to improve success rate of implantation: A review

Shingade, Aditi,
Published in AIP
Volume: 2358
Issue: 1
Pages: 1 - 11

Dental implants are the first choice in replacing any lost teeth. The material used for dental implants should have high mechanical strength, superior biocompatibility, good osseointegration ability, high resistance to corrosion and wear and better aesthetic appeal. Titanium (Ti) is popularly used in dentistry for implant purpose as it exhibits excellent mechanical and biological properties. The hypersensitivity and grey colour of the implant has raised demands for metal-free implant materials with more aesthetic value. With the advancements in biosciences and technology there are various materials options for implants in dentistry. The objective of this review article is to study different materials properties which can be a viable alternative to titanium. Ceramics (zirconia) and polymers (PEEK, PMMA) are emerging as promising metal-free alternative to titanium implants. Nevertheless, further long-term clinical rates and studies are needed to validate total replacement of titanium by the aforementioned materials.

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JournalAIP Conference Proceedings
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