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Comparision of Arbitration and Disputes Resolution Board Mechanisms on Infrastructure Projects
Published in Ethan Publishing Company
Volume: 2.0
Issue: 10.0
Pages: 1010.0 - 1030.0
Disputes are taking longer to resolve and so are the dispute values increasing .The general issues seem to stem from some common market traits like fast paced construction schedules, projects typically aggregated into complex programmes of work, lack of skilled manpower and professionals and a continued trend of multi-layering contractors and subcontractors. Unfortunately, although the symptoms are well known, the fundamental causes and real cost-time associated with this conflict are not well understood. "Getting the basics right" along with improvement in implementation aspects of disputes resolution mechanisms would significantly assist in speedy and amicable dispute resolution. The disputes arise due to various reasons and the choice of resolution mechanism in India depends mainly on Arbitration. Although, Disputes resolution board seems promising as a method for dispute resolution, it is less opted .This article aims to identify parameters of comparison for, and to carry out a comparison of, arbitration and dispute resolution board as prime mechanisms and to subsequently identify the better choice with the aid of case studies. Case studies are focused on infrastructure project contracts forming the underpinning of comparison of the two said methods.
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JournalJournal of Civil Engineering and Architectural Research
PublisherEthan Publishing Company
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