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Daylighting Estimation and Analysis in Residential Apartment Building: GIS Based Approach
Published in IGRSM Institution of Geospatial and Remote Sensing Malaysia.
Volume: 37
Pages: 1 - 12

The openings in the building envelope have a great influence on daylighting in the internal area of the building spaces. The amount of opening area, its orientation, outside obstruction & positioning of building affects the inside illumination. Most of the energy consumption occurs during the building's operational phase for heating, cooling & lighting purposes. This paper aims to provide a simplified analytical and GIS based approach to evaluate the potential of daylight inside the room under clear sky conditions. The work evaluates the intensity of internal illumination in residential apartment building from available outside external illumination.

About the journal
JournalIOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science
PublisherIGRSM Institution of Geospatial and Remote Sensing Malaysia.
Open AccessYes