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Design and development of multisensory smart assistive technology for blind persons
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 2018-January
The world over, prevailing technologies to assist physically challenged people are either complex or available at high cost. The recent development in the medical world, however, claim to facilitate comfort and make their life autonomously operational but lack of information, training, and functional intricacies often lead to discouraging users. This paper presents a comprehensive study of an existing system called 'Internet of Things' (ioT); this system is a programmable well-synchronized network of different electronic devices, sensors, mechanical & digital machines and highly active communication network. IoT is used to provide assistance to visually challenged (blind) people and help to extend their self-reliance not only in the known environment but also unknown places would become easily accessible to them. In this preliminary approach, various possibilities to develop multisensory network based on 'Inter of Things' have been proposed. This approach not only targets technical complications associated with available technologies but also introduces inexpensive and user-friendly applications which can easily be employed to provide comfort. © 2018 IEEE.