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Effect of crystallographic texture on the forming limit in microforming of brass
Published in EDP Sciences
Volume: 6.0
Microforming is an emerging technology to manufacture products in the light of miniaturization in several domains of industry. Plastic anisotropy is one of the material characteristics significantly affecting the micro forming process. The crystal orientation influences tensile strength, yield strength and ductility, depending on different grain sizes and principle sliding planes. The present work elaborates on the influence of the plastic anisotropic in microforming for a plane stress state condition. Yield function and constitutive equations for the anisotropic material with consideration of the crystal lattice constants and parameters of crystallography texture are proposed. The crystal orientation is considered in a subroutine VUMAT algorithm, as an internal variable based on the developed mathematical model which is implemented in Abaqus as an user material subroutine. Micro limiting dome height experimental tests for different strain paths are conducted with brass foils. The results are compared with that predicted with numerical analysis, considering critical damage and element deletions. The numerical and experimental results show a good agreement for the Alpha brass ultra-thin foils, using a set of failure criterion.
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