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Non-linear Static Progressive Collapse Analysis of Asymmetric High Rise R.C.C. Structure
Published in Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineeringand Sciences Publication
Volume: 9.0
Issue: 9.0
Pages: 586.0 - 592.0
The developments in construction make itcompulsory for architects to plan the high rise structures in RCC.Unfortunately due to some reasons like gas explosion, terroristattack, fire etc. high rise structures undergoes some majorcomponent failure. As the major component fails, sometimes partof the structure or whole structure tends to collapse. Thisbehavior of the structure is called as progressive collapse.Progressive collapse may be a chain reaction of failures thatcirculates either throughout or some of the structure lopsided tothe first local failure. The progressive collapse of buildingstructure is commenced when one or more vertical load carryingmembers are removed. One of the important characteristics ofprogressive collapse is that the final damage is not related to theinitial damage. In this project it is proposed to carry outprogressive collapse analysis of regular and irregular structures.Structural model of building has been fashioned din ETABS andloads are applied as per GSA guidelines, for evaluation ofprogressive collapse nonlinear static method of analysis has beenused. The analysis is done using ETABS 18 software and usingcodes of analysis, IS 1893: 2016, IS 456: 2016. Jointdisplacements, axial force, bending moment are evaluated. In allcases progressive collapse of internal column is more critical ascompared to other cases.
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JournalInternational Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE)
PublisherBlue Eyes Intelligence Engineeringand Sciences Publication
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