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Overview of liquid desiccant based indirect evaporative cooling system
A.A. Kole, , S. Ramchadran, S. Suybazhahan
Published in International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research
Volume: 8
Issue: 8
Pages: 991 - 997
Liquid desiccant indirect evaporative cooling system consists of dehumidifier, regenerator, evaporative cooling unit and liquid desiccant. This system become alternative for convectional mechanical vapor compression system, because it reduces the consumption of electrical energy and avoids emission of harmful gases i.e. it is cost effective as well as environment friendly. Liquid desiccant absorb moisture from air in dehumidifier unit. Often solar energy is used to produce thermal energy and this thermal energy is used for regeneration of liquid desiccant in a regenerator. Further indirect evaporator is used for sensible cooling of a dehumidified air. In this paper, a review of dehumidifiers, regenerators, indirect evaporative coolers and also integrated liquid desiccant system with indirect evaporative coolers are studied. Also system configurations, modes of operations are presented. This review designates that liquid desiccant indirect evaporative cooling technology can provide human comfort in hot and humid climatic conditions. © 2019, International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research. All rights reserved.
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