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Personalization of Web search results based on user profiling
Gupta Snigdha, Jain Saral, Kazi Mohammad, M Deshpande Bharat, , Kapoor Komal
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Pages: 1114 - 1119
A system for re-ordering the search results to provide to the user results of more relevance to him with the help of his profile. This concept is called Personalization. These profiles can be created by collecting data explicitly (which may be input directly by the user in the form of recommendation, comment or vote) as well as implicitly (based on the user's browsing patterns). This data can be monitored locally (at the client side) or at the server level or some hybrid approach can be adopted. The open recommendation system facilitates the degree to which personalization of results is needed by the user. The system design also includes measures to maintain the privacy and security of the users by encrypting their profile information to counter the threats to the same. The system has been designed as an open ended one and has a window for more ideas/designs to be incorporated some of which have been mentioned in the future works. © 2008 IEEE.
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Journal2008 First International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology
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