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Parking guidance system using internet of things
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 1
In recent years due to globalization and increase in competition to capture market share, the customer is having many options of cars at much affordable prices .This has led to tremendous amount of cars on the road. The big cities in India are normally crowded and the city's existing infrastructure falls short to satisfy the growing needs. This problem is also combined with the inefficient use of parking space and uneven distribution of traffic which leads to congestion in vehicular traffic. This paper introduces a novel technique based on Internet of Things platform to improve efficiency of the existing parking systems. It guides driver to find nearest parking slots. The prototype uses cloud based architecture of Internet of things. There is minimum delay in finding an optimal parking slot which helps to ease the traffic congestion. The proposed system also helps users automatically find a free parking space at the smallest distance based on Haversine formula if nearest parking region is full.